Michael Brewin is a notable guitarist, composer, producer, author/writer, historian, and educator. 

"The best jazz around:...The Michael Brewin Trio." - Seattle Post-Intelligencer   

“Michael Brewin is an undiscovered Clapton" - New York Ace   

"Fastest moving, leaving rock far behind...a new era.” - Village Voice   

“Michael Brewin is a highly regarded jazz musician.” - Willamette Week   

"You have a truly unique style on acoustic guitar -- you play with soul and feeling." - Carlos Santana [to Michael Brewin]   

"Someday people will be learning your guitar solos.” - guitarist John McLaughlin [to Michael Brewin]   

"You're the best guitarist I've ever heard."  - guitarist/singer Dan Fogelberg [to Michael Brewin]   

“You sure get around on that guitar!” - guitarist Larry Coryell [to Michael Brewin]

"The guitar is the most intimate, warm, and expressive of all the complete instruments (capable of melody, harmony, and rhythm). When the guitarist becomes the instrument through which the real music is played, then the heart dances, and there is joyous fulfillment – GUITARSOUL!" 

About the artist:  Michael Brewin is a notable musician, composer, author/writer, producer, historian, and educator.  A guitar master who can play virtually every style of guitar music, over the years, he has also been professionally associated with some of the world's greatest musicians.  Michael Brewin has worked with many jazz musicians, including jazz-blues master Mose Allison, as well as musicians from the bands of Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Diana Ross, Al DiMeola, Pink Martini, Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald, Les McCann, Airto Moreira, Tommy Flanagan, and Dave Brubeck. As a bandleader, he has performed at numerous venues, concerts, and festivals. 


"Together, let's restore beautiful artful inventive melodies to the conversation of contemporary music!  Even a small ripple affects the whole pond - and a large tide affects the universe."

Michael Brewin, Guitarist and Composer

GUITARSOUL album! Click on image for information.

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