Michael Brewin is a notable guitarist, composer, producer, author/writer, historian, and educator. 

"The best jazz around:...The Michael Brewin Trio." - Seattle Post-Intelligencer   

“Michael Brewin is an undiscovered Clapton" - New York Ace   

"Fastest moving, leaving rock far behind...a new era.” - Village Voice   

“Michael Brewin is a highly regarded jazz musician.” - Willamette Week   

"You have a truly unique style on acoustic guitar -- you play with soul and feeling." - Carlos Santana [to Michael Brewin]


Buy GUITARSOUL album Now (click image link): Buy CD or digital downloads

Buy GUITARSOUL album Now (click image link): Buy CD or digital downloads

In 2018, Michael Brewin's album of diverse compositions for guitar, "GUITARSOUL," was released.

The GUITARSOUL album project:      

About the album, GUITARSOUL: GUITARSOUL showcases Michael Brewin’s virtuoso guitar playing on 11 tracks, including 9 original compositions. Playing acoustic, electric, and flamenco guitars, and backed on some tracks by bass, piano, synth, drums, percussion, and also singing on one track, the master of diverse musical styles takes the listener on a beautiful and entrancing, flowing journey of melodious passages. The lovely and varied compositions feature jazz, world music, classical, flamenco, folk, rock, and blues elements – painting a lush sonic landscape with inspired guitar playing. Seven of the album tracks feature some improvisation. 

About the tracks: “Ocean of Bliss” is a world music meditation riding on the wave of a bass groove. “Lydian Waltz” is an impressionist jazz waltz with a unique and memorable melody based on the lydian mode (scale), and features guitar and piano solos. Vocal “Morning Song” is a jazzy, folksy, bluesy celebration. “Moresca” melds Spanish and English classical and folk elements. “BreathCatch” soars with riveting electric guitar and piano solos. The melodic “Sharing” evokes Celtic jigs. “Gitano” is a spirited flamenco piece with several sections. “Santi” is an ensemble number that features even and odd time signatures juxtaposed in sections of the head of the tune, and piano, guitar, and bass solos. “Flamenco Passion” is an inspired improvisation based around a recurring theme. The album closes with two classical guitar pieces, the uptempo “Lute Prelude” by J.S. Bach, and Franciso Tarrega’s charming “Caprice Arabe.” Brewin also plays electric bass on several tracks and synthesizer. The special guests include musicians from Pink Martini and Diana Ross' band.

SOULJAZZ: The Heart of the Music

 SOULJAZZ: The Heart of the Music 

by Michael Brewin 

SOULJAZZ: The Heart of the Music (ISBN: 0-9721536-0-8) presents jazz to the reader from the inside -- as musician, historian, educator, and writer Michael Brewin explains the many facets of jazz in an accessible and informative manner.  SOULJAZZ features: a comprehensive, up-to-date history of jazz (1900-present), its greatest innovators, composers and arrangers, important recordings, the instruments and styles, in-depth interviews with a variety of the world's leading jazz musicians, improvisation explained, 140 photographs of top jazz musicians (100 exclusive action photos, 25 historical, 15 misc.), and assorted charts, CD discographies, and other informational resources.  The interviews include Grammy award-winners Joshua Redman, Ray Brown, Larry Carlton, Charlie Haden, Shirley Horn, Béla Fleck, and Joe Lovano, as well as Bobby Hutcherson, John and Jeff Clayton, Russell Malone, Leroy Vinnegar, and Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks, among others.  (List Retail Price: $27.50)

Buy "SOULJAZZ: The Heart of the Music" Now (click link)

Buy "SOULJAZZ: The Heart of the Music" Now (click link)

Read more about SOULJAZZ: The Heart of the Music: http://www.souljazz.net/Buy%20the%20Book.htm

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